This is HEARTH CARE by Susan Newton

Hearth Care provides on-site, tailored and personalised tools, courses, and experiences to suit the educational needs of a variety of stakeholders (patients and their carers, nurses, doctors, allied health, supportive and managerial staff) in a variety of health care facilities (hospital wards and aged care facilities), and to community organisations.

Education from Hearth Care can be targeted to a particular group (e.g. carers of terminally ill patients) by combining individual modules of care, and/or can be delivered sequentially to multiple disciplines within a facility, depending on the needs of the organisation.

All our education modules interlink, providing an integrated model of care to organisations keen to deliver an holistic cost-effective approach to end-of-life and palliative care services.

Most modules provide opportunity to solve problems with hands-on exercises drawn from real life.

Each Hearth Care course is delivered and mentored by a specialist palliative care doctor (SN) and specialist palliative care nurse (SO’H).  

The result is a mentored learning ecosystem with content that is integrated with, and drawn directly from, the bedside and clinical experience.

Our workshop recipients receive a hand-drawn Journal for reference, exercise completion and self-reflection.

Modules include: The Senses; Dignity; Vulnerability; Empathy; Circles of Relationships; Service; Hospitality; IllnessTrajectories; Palliative Definitions; Palliative Phases; Karnofsky Triggers; Sketchnotes; Morphine and its Myths; Symptoms; Symptom Management Plans; The Syringe Driver; Syringe Driver Management; Features of Dying; The Vital Comforts; Terminal Plans;Terminal Responsibilities; Self Care; and Reflection.

Hearth Care also provides person-centred tools and experiences that connect and interface with the multidisciplinary educational modules/courses.

These include:
Hearth Workbook-a handbook for patients and carers; Prism-a symptom tracking tool for patients and carers; Morpheus-a symptom reporting tool for health care professionals; Caravan-a bereavement support service for carers and the community; Palanteer- the Hearth ‘Graduates’ and Supporter Group, and Newsletter; Social Media and Website connections; and TelePort-support for General Practitioners.

Our blog welcomes contributions from our community of service.

We look forward to your company.