Dr Susan Newton obtained Foundation Fellowship of the Royal Australian Chapter of Palliative Medicine in 2000.  She has a graduate Diploma in Palliative Care and a Masters of Professional Ethics.

She has had over 25 years experience as a palliative care doctor in the public health sector, working in both the Hunter Valley and Central Coast of New South Wales.  

Most recently she was the Senior Staff Specialist in Palliative Medicine at The Maitland Hospital; Clinical Leader of the Maitland Palliative Care Service; and Director of The Virtual Hospice.

Dr Newton is a former Sub-Editor of The Internal Medicine Journal, and chapter author of Palliative Care of the Older Patient, in Geriatric Medicine, by Nair, K et al.

She is currently working as a Palliative Medicine Visiting Medical Officer at Maitland Private Hospital; Toronto Private Hospital; and Lingard Private Hospital.

Dr Newton sings a capella and is learning to draw.



Sally O'Hara is a registered Nurse with over 30 years experience in acute nursing, working at Royal Prince Alfred (NSW), Woden Valley (ACT) and Maitland (NSW) hospitals in surgery, urology, oncology, haematology and general medicine.

Since 2005 she has worked as a Palliative Care Nurse, Clinical Nurse Consultant and Palliative Care Team Leader of Maitland Palliative Care Service.  

In 2011 she co-designed and curated The Virtual Hospice, an innovative end-of-life care programme, presented at local, state, national and international conferences.

Sally has a Bachelor of Arts (Macquarie University) and a Certificate in Palliative Care Nursing (University of Newcastle).  

She is currently working as a Case Coordinator for Silver Chain.

Sally is an avid reader and is learning creative writing.