And they said...

Hearth Care demystified end-of-life care for me.
— Trish Wilson, Registered Nurse
Anyone and everyone caring for people [who are] in the last days of their lives needs to do these courses.
— Suzanne Teyhan, Specialist Palliative Care Nurse
Hearth Care have taken difficult palliative care concepts and infused them with warmth and heart. An amazing feat. I look forward to the book!
— Assoc. Prof. Jennifer Schneider
Cannot recommend more highly...the Hearth Care palliative care course...a beautifully safe environment to explore the depths of palliative care...You will laugh and you will cry. You will feel enlightened..and you will walk away with greater confidence in caring for palliative care patients and their families. You will have ‘aha’ moments when recognising signs and symptoms. You’ll learn to understand the importance of self care and professional boundaries. Most importantly you’ll discover that what you’ve not just related to palliative care patients...but can be applied to all patients in our care.
— Erin, RN, Medical Ward Team Leader